Ed W.

Ed W.

Ed W.


We are a certified BG service department and we are extremely happy with the products and equipment supplied to us from BG. We are also very happy with the level of support from our BG representatives. We look forward to many more years of a productive business relationship.

Ed W. – Service Manager, Honda Gallery


At Tasca Automotive Group, we are constantly searching for ways to bring more
value and a better experience to our customers while also growing our revenue. BG Products have helped us deliver in both of these areas! BG has been a long‐time partner of Tasca because their products offer a Win – Win solution. It’s great for the customer, the technician and the dealership. BG offers our customers a great value. Not only does it offer protection across many components but BG backs it up with an industry best warranty! BG service menus are best in class. We have been able to grow our sales by leveraging BG’s electronic, VIN specific maintenance menus. Their extensive vehicle specific menus allow us to present exactly what is recommended for each vehicle with precise accuracy. On top of it all. BG helps us fix cars! BG fuel services helps clean injectors and intake ports to fix drivability concerns. There flush products extend the life and improve every component they touch. I would highly recommend BG products! They are not a vender to us, there a partner that can help grow your business!

Bob Tasca III

Bob Tasca III – VP Tasca Automotive Group / CEO Tasca Racing


Recently we had a concern on a commercial E series van with a 5.4 gasoline engine come back after we had found the mass air flow sensor (MAF) grommet not secured into the air filter box, very common on the E-vans. After proper install, clearing KAM as well as clearing codes it was thought to be resolved for the rough running concern. The vehicle was scheduled back to have some other repairs made and when it did, the check engine light was on and was running rough. I began to get more involved at this point to see if my team member may have overlooked something, and I noticed right away there was a serious issue as both fuel trims read 45% and my oxygen sensors would flat line to zero then into open loop fault after roughly 30 seconds. Codes for oxygen sensors stating circuit high given the case that they were reading well out of the spec range. Fortunately I had just gotten back from an advanced engine performance course with Ford and something that may have taken me a bit longer to look into came to mind, is this a flex fuel vehicle? A quick check of the fuel cap confirmed this was indeed a flex fuel vehicle. With this new information I monitored flex fuel learned & inferred pids on my laptop. Flex fuel inferred (a determination of the percentage of ethanol percentage calculated by the pcm) read over 80%. This should be lower than 10% as it says on the fuel pump (up to 10% ethanol). Obviously this was a big factor affecting the drivability of this vehicle. A fuel sample confirmed that there was a large amount of ethanol in this fuel. I recommended adding BG ethanol fuel system defender and drier to the fuel tank and retesting as part of the diagnosis. After adding the two products in the kit, resetting Kam, clearing codes and driving while monitoring my oxygen sensor, fuel trims and flex fuel pids I noticed a rapid decrease in flex fuel inferred percentage readings dropping by roughly ten percent increments. Oxygen sensors and fuel trims began to come within normal range, as well as the engine running smooth. Within a timeframe of under ten minutes during this road test my flex fuel inferred percentage was six percent and the vehicle concern was no longer present. This product, not only is impressive seeing its results as part of the demonstration our representatives presented to us but also seeing dramatic timely results on the technician end via the scan tool / laptop. It also saved us a great deal of time, and the customer a deal of money. An impressive and functional additive, as well as an actual repair tool which could also help with gasoline issues usually requiring removal of the fuel tank and draining etc.

Christian B. – Team Leader Diesel & Gas Senior Master/ ASE L1 & L2 Master Technician, Portsmouth Ford Lincoln


We are a certified BG service department and we are extremely happy with the products and equipment supplied to us from BG. We are also very happy with the level of support from our BG representatives. We look forward to many more years of a productive business relationship.

Ed W. – Service Manager, Honda Gallery

Tasca automotive group deals with a multitude of warranty claims processing centers. The claim process for BG products is one of the most efficient and streamlined companies that we work with. The online interface is simple and easy to use which keeps my advisors working with our customers and generating income for the store.

Payment is always quick, usually within the hour and if needed, the support staff for claims understands our business and work diligently to get our staff off the phone and back on the desk while handling any complications with a claim quickly.

Alyssa D. – Service Director / Customer Experience Manager, Tasca Buick GMC

We put BG MOA in our delivery trucks, one day we had a driver return one of the trucks from his
run with the engine knocking and clattering. The engine lost 4qts of oil with a cut engine oil cooler hose
and was running with 1qt of oil left in the engine. We put 4qts of oil back in and replaced the cut hose
and the engine is running smooth and still in service today.

Robbie S. – Unifirst Uniforms Truck Maintenance

I have been running fixed operations for over 30 years in some of New England’s largest dealerships and have had numerous relationships with different vendors in fluid exchange products and services. I have to say that BG products and our BG Representative are the very best in the business that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

As we all know in the automotive service industry things are not always black and white.
Sometimes things happen either internally or externally, from a service writer making a mistake on a warranty coverage, to a customer worried they will lose their protection plan coverage due to missing their next BG service interval by a few miles. Our BG service representative Steve Kelloway has always gone beyond the call of duty to make sure the dealership and/or the consumer is taken care without any hassles.

I can only count on one hand when a vendor actually thought outside the box and put him or herself in the customer’s shoes, making sure the consumer left the dealership happy, without the dealership having to threaten the vendor to do the right thing for all parties involved! We have processed a lot BG protection plan claims over the last 15 years and I have not come across any denied claims that were still under the BG terms and conditions, spelled out in the warranty brochure for covered components. The claims processing is very simple and easy to understand and payments are made that very same day with no delays. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Daniel B. – Partner/ Fixed Operations Manager, Yankee Ford Auto Group

We have had a business relationship with BG Products for over 15 years. The one thing that my service advisors like the most about their product is that they stand behind what they sell.

If a customer buys one of their services, maintains the vehicle based on the maintenance schedule and then has a failure BG will participate in the cost of the repair. I don’t know of very many companies that will “put their money where their mouth is”

Harry H – Director of Fixed Operations, Best Chevrolet

I have tried various vendors for fluid services to offer to our customers. Only BG has lived up to the promises made by the sales rep. The BG products not only provide the customer with a service that will extend the life of the vehicle, the lifetime protection plan is second to none. I have requested lifetime protection coverage several times over the years and have never had a claim denied.

Pat M. – Service and Parts Director, Casco Bay Ford