Who We Are

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

With over 20 employees in our distributorship, we have more people to help serve you better!

Our staff includes full time professional trainers, equipment repair specialists and our own graphic arts department!

Warehouse Distribution Staff:

Craig Brissell: Vice President of Sales Craig@bggreenwood.com
Cyndi Cyr: Customer Service Manager Cyndi@bggreenwood.com
Edie Thibault: Administrative Manager Edie@bggreenwood.com
Thomas Podielsky: Marketing Manager Graphics@bggreenwood.com
Bob Kane: Warehouse Manager Bkane@bggreenwood.com
Jimmy Dean: Machine Repair Specialist
Route 105: Rhode Island Territory Manager Wdne105@bggreenwood.com
Steve Kelloway: New Hampshire Territory Manager Wdne120@bggreenwood.com
Scott Reilly: Massachusetts Territory Manager Wdne101@bggreenwood.com
Dietrich Hartman: Eastern Massachusetts Territory Manager Wdne102@bggreenwood.com
Ron Andreozzi: South Coast Massachusetts Territory Manager Ron@bggreenwood.com
Brian DeVault: Massachusetts Territory Manager Wdne111@bggreenwood.com
Kevin Brown: Western Massachusetts Territory Manager Wdne112@bggreenwood.com
John Gallagher: Cape Cod Massachusetts Territory Manager Wdne117@bggreenwood.com
Cody Collins: Massachusetts Territory Manager Wdne135@bggreenwood.com
Randy Smith: Western New Hampshire Territory Manager Wdne137@bggreenwood.com
Steven Casavant: Vermont Territory Manager Wdne143@bggreenwood.com
Lauren Dubois: Maine Territory Manager Wdne141@bggreenwood.com
Rob Melanson: Territorial Support Team
John Trostle: Territorial Support Team